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In Jane Austen’s novels we have alluring glances from across the room and suggestive smiles. These days we have coded texts and muddling emails. Modern dating lingo is chock full of innuendo, vagueness, and  ways of saying things that mean other things. In short, things have gotten pretty damn confusing. 

In theory, to avoid awkward conversations, it’s great to have these codes. ‘Awake?’ instead of ‘Fancy a shag? ‘It’s not YOU it’s ME’, instead of: ‘It’s not me, it’s YOU’. And so on…

The only problem is, that no one has ever printed out a manual and handed it out on street corners. How awesome would that be?! 

If we ALL had the same phrasebook, we could be as illusive as we liked, with no consequence. But alas, there is no such magical pamphlet in circulation.

 I absolutely despise not knowing where things stand. I think we ALL do. 

There is nothing more annoying than being…

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