Online Tools For Busy People

Great for creating and sending invoices, storage for clients names/address/projects/services. You can also itemized expenses per project and time if you are charging by the hour. You can try free for 30 days

I just started using this service because I hate keeping track of receipts. You can mail, scan, upload or email receipts and business cards – it works with Freshbooks and you can photograph a receipt with your phone and send it to them anytime. You can also export your verified data to dozens of accounting, financial and CRM tools that you already use.

I have been using this service for over 10 years! I hate getting bills in the mail. You set up an account and ALL of your bills are mailed to this company. They scan your bills, then email you when they are due or if you haven’t made a payment. It keeps billing address and phone numbers organized also you never have to go to a bunch of individual sites to pay each bill or to view a statement. Everything is in one place. You attach it to your bank account and for $7 a month they will store all of your bills and you can pay everyone online (from one place) or they will mail a check to anyone you want them to.
I think I can do up to 20 bills a month on my plan.

These services are sooooo worth it when you are pressed for time and/or you need to find something fast.

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