Samsung Galaxy Tablet


I test drove a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for a few days. Overall my experience was pretty positive. If you like tablets this is a pretty good one. What I didn’t like initially was the interface. I didn’t think it was very intuitive, so if you’re like me and don’t like to read directions it may take a bit to get off the ground running.  Once I became familiar with how things worked, it was smooth sailing. The HD screen resolution is amazing! You couldn’t ask for better clarity. If you like to watch movies, the size of the screen makes it possible to see pretty much the whole picture.  No black bars, yeah!!!

No snail pace Internet surfing on this baby either. I found myself zooming from one website to another without delay. I’m not a fan of touch screens, but this tablet was very responsive. You don’t need a heavy hand (or finger) to get links or applications open. I still prefer a keyboard over a touch screen. Now lets talk about battery life. This bad boy has great battery life. I have an older Samsung phone that doesn’t last very long if I go online or use any of the social apps.  The battery dies almost immediately. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet I’m happy to say has a very robust battery life.

The weight of the tablet is also very light! So you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down. In comparison with everything else you carry around with you it will seem light as a feather. I’m still doing my homework on other options with this tablet. Right now my preference would be a slide out keyboard and the ability to take notes with a stylus type pen. I’m told this kind of feature will be released soon with the newer version Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

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