Poetry Corner: Escape

By Tracey Lee Bates

Solidarity & loneliness abound.

With four walls closing in yet never make a sound.

No exit or escape can be seen.

Forced to lie on my belly just so I can breathe.

I close my eyes and drift away and find myself with

a vision of your face.

Suddenly the silence is broken,

the sound I hear are the words you’ve spoken,

so sweet so warming, like a hot cup of tea

on a cold sunday morning.

This vision of you is as of the sun rising over the horizon.

nothing compares and nothing at that moment matters.

I reach out for you and hold you tight,

I feel invigorated and full of life.

I can breath, I can smell your aroma all around me.

I realize you’re the escape I need.

The very one I love just a thought away,

when the four walls start to close in

and I feel like my chest is going to cave in.

I just need to close my eyes and you’re there for me,

my beautiful sunrise.

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