Get Your Kicks on Route 66

I loved the show “Route 66 ” and am really surprised it hasn’t resurfaced for re-runs in this day and time. Sterling Silliphant who won an Oscar for writing “In the Heat of the Night,” traveled around the U.S. and Canada scouting for locations to shoot the TV series.  It was  filmed in 40 States.

George Maharis, was  the Lower East Side orphan from Hell’s Kitchen, Buz Murdock, his co-star, Martin Milner was the Yale-educated Tod Stiles. When Tod’s father dies, he discovers he has nothing except a Corvette, the two young men set out on the road taking local jobs to support their travel. 1962 guest star Ethel Waters was the first African-American woman nominated for an Emmy Award when she was on the show.

Maharis left the show in 1963 and was replaced by Glenn Corbett as Linc Case, a troubled Vietnam Nam vet.  Route 66 was one of the most unique American television dramas of the 1960s.

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