Around The Corner: The Singing Waiter

Bellissimo: – 10403 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22030-3302

Last week, my friend and I were looking for place to have dinner on a Sunday evening. To our surprise, very few places were open!  We ended up in Fairfax City and happen to see an Italian restaurant with an ‘open’ sign! Whoo Hoo!!

The restaurant was ‘Bellissimo;’ with no other options in site, our hunger pangs insisted we go inside . . . we were glad we did!

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Bellissimo, is a small cozy restaurant and a great place to have conversation over dinner; this has been a rarity in places I’ve been too lately, so it was nice to actually talk vs shout across the table.

The food was excellent!  I had Cappesante al Pesto, which is grilled sea scallops served with homemade pesto sauce and arugula salad with w/thinly shaved Parmesan cheese, dessert was a generous portion of tiramisu which I gladly shared with my friend.  Yum!

Our waiter was delightful! His name was Enino and after my second glass of Cabernet, he felt safe to surprise me with a song.  It was the perfect ending to a good dining experience. I highly recommend ‘Bellissimo,’ and if you go on a Sunday evening, ask for Enino.

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