Heart of Gold Foundation of Northern Virginia

Founder and President Heart of Gold Foundation of Northern Virginia, Inc.

Founder and President Heart of Gold Foundation of Northern Virginia, Inc.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Heart of Gold Foundation recognizes that we are only as good as our team. We are looking for a few good volunteers that are not only excited but passionate about the work that this foundation is planning to accomplish.
Counselor: Are you a good listener? Do you consider yourself a supportive person? Are you able to show empathy to others? We are looking for a counselor that is able to have a listening ear and supportive shoulder to our clients needs. Many times all a person need is someone to talk to. Requirement: A degree in Psychology or Counseling is required.
Fitness: Do you work out?  Are you a healthy eater? Are you up to date on all of the programs that require individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Can you swim? Sometimes chronically sick people are not able to do a lot of physical activity, but are able to do the bare minimum  We are looking for someone that has experience in Physical Therapy or who was once a Fitness Instructor.
Requirements: Patience for a lot of our clients are disabled.
In- House Support:  Office volunteers to provide assistance with the day-to-day operations.  Volunteers are needed to help answer phones, prepare mailings, do computer work, make phone calls, work on on-going projects and assist with special projects.
Transportation:  We are looking for someone who likes to drive, knows their way around Virgina, DC and Maryland.  We needhelp delivering care packages to local hospitals as well as donations to other organizations. Requirement: A valid driving license a clean driving record and a large vehicle to be used for the services of transporting goods.
Outside Support: We are asking for assistance with Xeroxing and printing of materials that we send to volunteers. Please contact the foundation if your company would like to donate printing services.Email the foundation if you are  interested in becoming a part of our team;

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  1. Val…what is the focus of this organization? Could you add info regarding their target population and overall end goals?