Thoughts: Creating A Better Life

In addition to blogging I am also a small business owner. While I love my art, full-time job and blogging; I also realize there is a limit to how many things one person can do (and do well)  I have floundered a bit in trying to give Bohemian Home Journal a voice and direction . . .I ‘m the kind of person who jumps in head first then figures out things along the way (not recommended for the faint of heart)  so it recently occurred to me to incorporate more of what I need in this blog  (it’s always the obvious we don’t see) and others (like me) who need this info will appreciate the posts.

My plan is to create a section on small business ownership and life management tips for personal and professional growth. I have reached out to a few ‘experts’ in these areas that I admire, who I hope will allow me to post their information and direct people to their site.

While I consider myself to be a smart woman, I know certain management areas in my life are all over the place; ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ is what my mother would call it. Anyway stay tuned and wish me luck.

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