Talk Your Way to Free Lodging in Spain

During these tough times many people aren’t thinking about spending money on a nice vacation.  If you have the urge to travel but your budget is holding you back, then check out a unique volunteer program in Spain through Vaughn Systems.  


A friend did this a few years back and had a wonderful experience.

Participants from all over the world exchange conversation with Spaniards and in return for their time and their input, have their full board and lodging covered by the program.


Volunteer participants can choose from four (4) picturesque venues: Puerta de Gredos (Avila), Hotel Spa Villa de Alarcón (Cuenca), Valdelavilla (Soria), Santa Maria de El Paular (Rascafria), and El Rancho de la Aldegüela (Segovia).

There is absolutely no catch. Vaughn Systems recruit people from all kinds of backgrounds (not English professors nor linguistic experts) to volunteer six days of their time to have conversations with Spanish professionals.

You pay for your flights to and from Madrid and any accommodation before and after the program. Vaughan Systems provides accommodation and three meals a day in any of the venues, transfers to and from the towns from Madrid and accident insurance during the course of the program.

Over 9,000 volunteers from all over the world have come to Spain to take part in this cultural holiday program: writers, doctors, social workers, backpackers, executives, musicians, students, etc… The variety is endless: participants from more than 12 different countries, between ages 18-80.

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2 responses to “Talk Your Way to Free Lodging in Spain

  1. Val:

    I have volunteered twice with the Vaughn Systems program AND twice with their main competition in Spain, a company that can be found under Pueblo Ingles (or their recently adopted name of DIVERBO). The two programs are virtually identical and both provide a wonderful experience for native English speakers who are recruited from all over the world.

    My last experience was in October of 2012 and the volunteers were from the U.S., England, Australia, Canada AND Malaysia. It is a great way to get to know the wonderful people of Spain and people from around the world.