SLR Lounge: 5 Stories That Made Us Cry in 2013

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Once I hit puberty, I turned into an emotional mess. Any little thing could make me tear up – whether it was a commercial for cough medicine or seeing a little kid on the street hug his dog. In fact, I’m getting a bit emotional writing this just thinking about getting emotional. And sadly, I am an ugly crier. I see the women in the movies that can eloquently cry, with the single, dramatic tear that slides down a perfectly sculptured cheekbone and well, that is not me. I’m an ugly crier – the kind that has the red, puffy nose, swollen eyes and snot coming out where even an entire box of tissues struggle to contain.You may not be the champion crier like I am, but everyone can use an emotional cleansing now and again, so here are some of the stories that made us cry in 2013. Whether tears of joy or sadness, the following stories moved us emotionally and made us run for the box of Kleenex.Feel free to join me in my ugly cry, but you’ll need to bring your own box of tissues.

1. ‘Story of A Mother’s Love’ Shows Incredible Transformation of Premature Baby

The beautiful story of little Ward Miles, son of photographer, Benjamin Scot, who was born 15 weeks premature. Scot made a video documenting their journey of the first 107 days of Ward’s life. Read the full story

2. Father With Terminal Cancer Walks Unmarried Daughters Down the Aisle

This story is of Fred Evans, who was diagnosed with cancer and only given a few months to live. He knew that he would not live long enough to walk his two unmarried daughters down the aisle, so he planned a special ceremony so that he could fulfill his fatherly duty. Read the Full Story

3. Photographer Honors Sister’s Memories In Recreated Wedding Portraits

To honor the memory of his wife, who tragically died from lung cancer when their daughter was 1, Ben Nunery asked his photographer sister to recreate his wedding photos in the house that Ben and his wife shared. To make this story even more poignant, our writer also created a similar project when his mother died. Read the full story

4. Photographer Documents Wife’s Battle With Cancer

When his wife of four months was diagnosed with breast cancer, photographer Angelo Merendino picked up the camera in an effort show family and friends the daily struggle of their battle. Read the full story

5. The SCAR Project: Heartwrenching Photographs of Breast Cancer Survivors (NSFW)

This amazing project shows us the grim realities of breast cancer that go beyond the pink ribbons and fluffy teddy bears. Read the full story

Hanssie is a Southern California based wedding and portrait photographer. In her free time she homeschools, shakes hands and kisses babies for UNDFIND and plots world domination. She also blogs about her life as a single gal “In The In Between.” Check out her work and her blog at

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