Most Popular Crime TV Series

Most of the time I work with the TV on. My computer is in front of the TV  – so I glace between two monitors for several hours at a time during the day (I know this is probably wonderful for my eye-site) Anyway, I really like crime shows. . . I’ll watch a rerun of Law and Order anytime!

For all of my fellow crime show watchers check out this link for some of the most popular crime and police show. Many on the list were favorites . . .Remember Twin Peaks!  There were a few listed I make a point of changing the channel when they come on and only a few I’ve never heard of – The arrow?

Let me know what you think. Did your show make the list?,asc&title_type=tv_series

One response to “Most Popular Crime TV Series

  1. Loving the fact that Jonathan Creek made the first page!