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Still Asking Why in 2013

peggy milesPost by : Peggy Miles

Today is New Year’s Eve, the shape of 2013 is visible and a bit daunting. We hover on the edge of the fiscal cliff, hoping we were smart enough to elect people who are smart enough to avert fiscal ruin for those of us earning far less than they do.

After today I will be on my way to turning 80. Yes.  My 70th. birthday was in November and we all know how time flies, so I am just gonna start telling people I am close to 80 and enjoy being told how young I look.

From my vantage point, as an elder in the community, there are so many things I don’t understand: why  the Washington NFL football team continues to use a racial offensive name; why we need instant communication 24/7 when most of what we have to share is of little real importance;  why we find it View amusing when an immigrant attempts to speak our language, it is their second language…most of us have barely managed our first…and we make no attempt to learn a few words in theirs; why parents think a Mohawk haircut is appropriate for a three year old; why our libraries are not as busy as the local discount stores; and other stuff like that.