Chat with Sarah Robinson: Romance and Crime Thriller Author

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Sarah Robinson is an Amazon Bestselling Romance and Crime Thriller Author of the contemporary Rockstar romance series Sand & Clay, as well as the very popular romantic suspense trilogy, The Photographer Trilogy.

All of her novels have reached Amazon’s Bestseller Rank in Crime, Crime, Thriller, Contemporary Romance, and/or Romantic Suspense.
Her writing often concentrates on the complexity of love in emotions, combining psychological complexities and human flaws to create very real characters that readers can relate with.

Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in criminal psychology. In regards to future publications, Sarah is with the Seymour Literary Agency and has recently been contracted by Loveswept, a Random House Penguin imprint, to begin a new contemporary romance series in late 2015 called Kavanagh Legends, which follows Irish alpha male brothers in the world of MMA fighting.

She recently married a Fairfax Police Officer, who shares her love of animals. Together, they own a zoo of rescues and enjoy volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.

Hi Sarah!

Tell me about yourself. . . your life before you became a Romance and Crime Thriller Author?

“Not much to tell, I’m young and still trying to figure everything out. I grew up in a mix of Maryland and then New Jersey as the oldest of five children in a Greek household, enough said there. Crazy! I put myself through school with several waitressing jobs at a time and then went on to get my graduate degree. I finished my Masters Degree in Criminal Psychology in 2013 and married my now-husband, Justin, who is a Fairfax County police officer. I worked a ton of different jobs during school and after school, but nothing fit me and I didn’t really know what I was looking for. I worked as a mental health counselor for severely disabled schizophrenics, then I counseled paroled sexual offenders, then I worked for a cancer research foundation, and all kinds of other jobs. Finally I got laid off in May 2013, so I started writing because I suddenly had the time! Turns out, that’s where I would find what I love to do!”

Why Romance and Crime Thrillers? Did you dabble in other genres ?

“-I’ve dabbled in several genres at this point, and I plan to try more. I think most authors don’t fit into one genre, because we write what comes to us. Genres are just labels that help sales, so we don’t tend to think about them often. In fact, it can be really stressful to figure out what genre our work fits in, because we would like to think we’re original, outside of the box, unable to be labeled. But readers want labels, they want warnings, and they want to know what they are picking up, therefore genres are a must. I also write contemporary romance, new adult, and some romantic comedy!”

Tell me about The Photographer Trilogy?

“- The Photographer Trilogy is three books based on a true story from my life. It delves into deep topics, including sexual assault, betrayal, and family dysfunction, therefore readers should be aware of that if they are sensitive to certain triggers. I began the book as sort of a therapy, writing about my life, and then I decided to take control and change my story, my ending. So, the trilogy was born, and it’s been so well received by readers, I’m honored!”

What was your inspiration for The Sand & Clay Rocker Series?

“- There wasn’t something I can pinpoint as inspiration. I wanted to write a rockstar romance, but I didn’t want it to be like all the other ones out there. Way too many rockstar romances are filled with drugs, tons of sex, promiscuity, and crazy lifestyles on the road. I write about a sensitive sweet rockstar. A family man, a lover, and a true artist at heart. This rockstar isn’t driven by fame and money, he’s driven by art. There were no books out there like that, so I wanted to put one out there. It’s definitely one of my favorite series, it’s so totally light hearted and sweet. Much different from the deep, darkness of The Photographer Trilogy. Sometimes we all need a little fantasy.”

When thinking about story ideas, what comes first. . . the development of the plot or characters?

“- The plot and the universe the plot takes part in usually come first, then the individual characters form from that usually.”

What advice do you have for young aspiring writers?

“- My advice would be to always remember where you started, and who helped you from the beginning. Remember that you should never give up, but you should listen to criticism and learn from others what you can. I’d advise to grow a thick skin as soon as possible, because people will read your book (your baby!) and hate it. They will. And it will hurt. Aside from that, just keep writing. The hardest part of being a writer is writing! So just sit down and do it!”

Her books can be found at the links below:


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Book 2 (Tainted Pictures) ➜
Book 3 (Untainted) ➜

Box Set ➜


Book 0.5 (Logan’s Story) –

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Show Sickle Cell Patients Love this Valentine’s Day

Heart“Minority donors, African Americans in particular, have rare compatibility traits in their blood that are unique to the African-American community. Therefore, optimal blood matches for African Americans will come from members with their same ethnic background. However, while African-Americans comprise nearly 13 percent of the US population, less than one percent are blood donors.”

INOVA Minority Donor Outreach & Education

More than 44,000 blood donations are needed daily to meet the critical need for blood supply. While progress in medicine has helped reduced the severity of SCD, donations of blood closely matching that of adults and children with Sickle Cell disease is badly needed to save lives!

One of approximately 80,000 African Americans in the U.S. has SCD. Without the right blood match for a transfusion, immune reactions can develop from a transfusion causing more complications that make future transfusions less effective.

If this is your first time donating blood, the link has information and facts to help you better understand the process.

Thank you for saving the life of a Sickle Cell patient and for making a difference in the lives of people who love them.

Poetry Corner: ME

Misty blue and seeking to be true
Hard to love by ordinary ones
For they don’t see me
As a romanticist might seek to

Another dimension is my goal
Where love flows through me
Touching those most exalted
And those who only long to be

Faye Jones Majette

Pet Adoption Stories: Bianca, Common and Sasha

I produced 3 pet adoption videos for the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in December. The people and pets in these videos are remarkable.

Please share with anyone who has ever had doubts about adopting pets from a shelter or rescue group.

Poetry Corner: Faye Majette

I AM (after Where I’m From by George Ella Lyon)

I am from places and faces I have never known.

I am the hopes and fears of a farmer’s daughter.

The passion and possibility of a solider boy.

I am their offering to the future.

I am from North Carolina red clay.

It is in my bones.

I am from hard work, strong faith and

Trust in the unseen

I am from slaves and slave masters.

I am from ancestors I have never known.

“Pay or Lose Power” Scam; Be Aware

Originally posted on Fairfax County Police Department News:


Police are warning residents, in particular concern of this week’s frigid weather, of a scam that has re-surfaced in Fairfax County neighborhoods in recent weeks.

Victims report that someone claiming to be a power company employee contacts them and states their power will be cut off if they do not pay their “overdue” bill immediately.

Recently, a woman who owns a business in the Springfield area received a phone call advising that her electric bill was overdue and demanded that she “go to a CVS or a 7-Eleven” to purchase a green DOT card in the amount of $499.98 which allegedly was the amount of the bill. The victim had recently paid her power bill. She checked with her bank, contacted Dominion Power and verified the payment. When she called the suspect back, he became mad and yelled at her. Fortunately, this victim wasn’t fooled, hurt, or financially victimized.


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Dogs Rescued from Meat Farm

Dogs arrived at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter tonight after being rescued from a meat farm in South Korea. The Humane Society International arranged travel and got the farmer to agree to stop raising dogs for food and grow crops instead. Executive Director Megan Webb from the Animal Welfare League in Alexandria, VA. coordinated the regions participation.

Tawny Hammond, Executive Director of the Fairfax Animal shelter made sure she was there to welcome the puppies arrival.

For information on when these puppies will be available for adoption, visit and click on Animal Shelter for up-to-date info on when the puppies will be available for adoption.


“Kisses from a puppy who has never known the touch of kindness. Welcome to Virginia Snowball.”





Executive Director Fairfax County Shelter, Tawny Hammond (left) and Kelly O’Meara Director, Companion Animals and Engagement Humane Society International (right)

The SlumGods of Mumbai: hope, hip-hop and the Dharavi way | Guardian Docs

In a real-life Billy Elliott story set in Mumbai’s biggest slum, 15-year-old Vikram loves to dance and dreams of becoming a hip-hop artist. His dance teacher believes in him – but how long can Vikram keep his dancing secret from disapproving parents?

Processing a Time-lapse Video taken with a GoPro

Originally posted on Photofocus:

Shooting a time-lapse movie on a GoPro is very easy process.  Getting a finished product can be simple too if you use the free software that comes with the camera.  You can easily assemble the frames, tweak the color, and remove the wide-angle distortion.

This specific tutorial is from the Video Gear Weekly series presented by authors Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman. The complete course is presented as a weekly series and offers reviews and tips on the latest video gear, from cameras like the Blackmagic 4K and GoPros to lighting, accessories, and adapters.

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In My Own Head

Poem by Davinna

Led to my feelings of disjointment
But my anointing phases all the pain
I am faithful and guided though im misguided with handling the pain

I looked at life as a trap
Faithful but still adapt to the devils constant breadcrumbs of the fame

He is in my head
He attacks me in my bed
Amplifying my feelings of distain

I write for truths
To give to youths
Who struggle in his name

Im crazy……not stupid
Sometimes…..I lose lucid
To fight off what it is that stains…
My brain is wired to work
To speak my worth
After a life of your never gonna be shit insane

I’m the same
Yet different
I cloak myself in difference
To be a rider in the game

One day it will all make sense
I will see over that fence
To greener pastures in his name

Until then I will crash
My behavior turned up on rash
Either your in or out
The melody is the same

I have lost friends who couldn’t see in me
Didn’t believe in me or get my walk of justice in his name
Seeing no evil of my struggles everyday

No one understands the hand of the fates
Clotho spinning
Lachesis determining places,worth and feelings…
Screw this
Atropos please give me the damn scissors so I can cut the thread

Dont want to be dead
But I fear if or when im dead
No one will get or still understand
My pain

I fall and get embarked by the dark
Slithering light
telling myself get back up to participate in this game

I climb these crystal stairs
Hoping not to break the panes

Break my ways

I break for days

I break for shade

I break in shame

To hide in when im not the same to revel in me not the getting back to me being the same
I keep the pain
Hiding in my brain

But a break is necessary
I brake for necessity
A learned condition of hiding all this pain

Im an actress but you didn’t know my role existed
I guess im gifted at hiding behind all this pain
I cant run

Or hide

Or get by with the weight of this……

The questions always exist when its detrimental to my brain
I underscore pity
Leaving out the precious gifts my family gives me
Its the definition of insane

System failure
Lets reboot

“As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance”

Peter said it all
even though the knowledge is tall
I still fall to repeat the same mistakes

The missed takes of my mistakes
Leading me to wrong
The questionable
leads me to questionable in head interference

Can’t seem to clear this
Bowling spares because im unable to strike within this brain……

I know this story

I live this story

I want to change this story

And I will
I will, AMEN