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ADHD and Generic Medications

I have heard conflicting information about generic medications in comparison with brands overall.
I once had a pharmacist argue with me that my generic was EXACTLY the same as the brand I was taking, it had to be all in my head if I felt different. I’m not a big fan of generics, however the price is right.
Although this article address specifically ADD and ADHD – I think it will be helpful to anyone who has ever wondered about the effectiveness of generic meds.

A Recap: Consumer’s Guide to Generic Concerta.

Poetry Corner: Forever Present

re post from  ‘I USE TO HAVE THE BLUES’

Mortality is my reality
Built on a hereditary technicality
Forever to be carried through this adventure of living
Removal of blinds
This was designed to be my baggage to carry
So I roll with the collapse of my veins
The needle exchange and the blood taken out of me
The fight taken out of me

Like a knick knack
Throw this girl a bone

Inside of my head asking for forgiveness
Streaks of lightening blazing through the vessel holding my essence
It is always present

24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Sometimes I forget as if it was an illusion
Only for it to attack crippling my nature
Destroying my confidence
Displacing my light
Allowing the dim and darkness to invade

And so I lay me down to sleep
But this hospital bed is uncomfortable,
keep clicking my caller but no one will come for you….you don’t look sick….
Fighting this biting pain as my disability continuously rolls through my veins in a never ending story

Wheezing, body seizing, pain meds hardly relieving
But my moans never escape
For I am strong, I am woman hear me roar
Or whimper, or cry, or……or…….or………sigh……

I’m so tired

glitteryDavinna is a blogger/writer who believes that your own experiences shape and make you. Check out more of her poetry on her page ‘I USE TO HAVE THE BLUES

Group Game: Can Losing Weight Put $ in My Pocket?

A  friend sent me a link yesterday as extra incentive to stay on my diet.  I’m  intrigued. . . I  haven’t tried it, nor am I endorsing; however the idea is interesting enough to share with everyone and let me hear your thoughts on whether this is something you would try.

The site is called Dietbets, you can join a new group online, or start your own. Basically you put money in a pot and split it with everyone who drops weight within the required time frame. Check out the video.


  1. Dietbet
    A Dietbet is a 28-day contest to lose weight. Dietbets must have at least two Players but there is no upper limit. Most Dietbets involve betting into a Pot. Other Dietbets are strictly for non-monetary stakes, or Bonus Stakes.
  2. Organizer
    The Organizer initiates the game, invites Players, and sets the start date and bet amount. In Hosted games, DietBet is the Organizer. In Private games, the Organizer can also a Player.
  3. Hosted Game
    A game organized by DietBet or a person associated with DietBet. These games are open to the public and players can invite their friends to play with them.
  4. Private Game
    A game organized by an individual who wishes to play with friends, and friends of friends only.
  5. Player
    Players are the participants in a Dietbet. They are eligible to split the Pot (if any) in the event that they meet their weight-loss goals.
  6. Bet
    A bet is money paid by a player in a Dietbet at the beginning of a Dietbet. The bet is added to the Pot, which will be distributed to the winners of the Dietbet after the final Weigh-Out.
  7. Pot
    The Pot is the amount of money that will be split among the Players of a Dietbet who meet their Target Weights as of Day 28 of a Dietbet. The Pot can be zero if the Dietbet is being played strictly for non-monetary stakes. If Players have bet into the Pot, the Pot is the sum of the Bets.

More information can be found on http://www.dietbet.com/

Help & Hope For Daniel

My friend Karen called  a few months ago and asked if I would help with a video about her son Daniel. I  knew her son had Tourette’s syndrome and OCD; but since I had never witness an episode I had no idea of the debilitating form of his condition.

Like every mother Karen wants her son to have an opportunity for a good life.  She really didn’t need my help with the video. Watch and what you’ll see is a very moving message from a mother who has not given up hope for her son’s future.  After you watch the video, take a moment and visit Karen’s website. Thank you!


Here’s to a Brilliant New Year

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone blessings and abundance in 2013
Thank you for being the supportive online community I enjoy so much!
May we all continue to share our thoughts, enthusiasm, likes and dislikes for all things that touch, influence and impact our lives.
I did not make New Year resolutions for 2013. My plan is to continue what I have always done; trying to be the best mother, friend, sister, aunt, cousin, partner, dog owner, employee, photographer, writer, media producer, and self advocate I can be.
Keep your eyes, heart and mind open to change and look forward to 2013 with anticipation of all the new and wonderful things you will experience.

Bras For Hope

Bras for Hope was an event sponsored by ‘Belle Mode Intimates’ located in Fairfax Corner in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Donated bras were hung on clotheslines across Fairfax Corner. Women who donated bras were given a 20% discount and free ‘Pinkberry’ coupon for their participation. In the photo below, Miss D.C. shows off the colorful assortment bras.

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6th Annual Sickle Cell 5k

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the 6th Annual Sickle Cell 5k. The course was set up in the heart of DC, starting at Freedom Plaza. Continue reading


Editorial – Doctor Care: My Rights Were Wronged!

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I thought I had dealt with everything that one person had to go through, until the day I made the decision to express my concerns about my doctor care. Continue reading


World Sickle Cell Day: Awaken Understanding

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Sickle Cell Disease is a serious condition that affects people around the world. The severity of health complications associated with it demands a need for increased knowledge and awareness. World Sickle Cell Awareness Day is June 19. This annual event … Continue reading


Dr Oz’s Swimsuit Slim Down

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I happened to catch Dr. Oz the other day and to my delight it was a show about ‘weight loss’ tips. Yeah, I know, how many times can you hear ‘ do this and not that’ before your brain and … Continue reading