I’m a Artist. My tools of expression are photography, writing, video production and editing. I work full time as a video producer for Fairfax County Cable Channel 16. I love what I do and have worked in every aspect of television production over the past 30 years. When I’m not working at Channel 16 my passion is running a photography business, blogging and learning something new about myself!

I love animals and interests include behavior science, technology and metaphysics, good food, bohemian fashion and movies.

In my blog you’ll find news and editorial comments on current trends, health care, lifestyles, international and local artist profiles, topics for women and culture interests.

Thanks for visiting! ‘Bohemian Home Journal,’ my virtual home and community.

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  1. I’ve always loved the concept of “Bohemian.” As a kid, when we would go on vacation, my Mom would say we were taking our “Bohemian Luggage.” So I always equate the word with adventure and freedom, thanks to her. I love your interpretation of the word and find it immensely appealing. All the Best, Terri

  2. Great blog! 🙂