Illuminating Blogger Award

I’m very happy to receive the Illuminating Blogger Award. Thank you so much Bucket List Publications for the nomination!

The rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award are: to thank the nominating person with a link, nominate 5 fellow bloggers and reveal 1 random thing about yourself.

I have nominated the following bloggers:

Life is an Exquisite Journey

The Wordslinger

Fashion Soundtrack


Kids Give Me Hope

No worries if you choose not to participate, however just know that I did give this some thought and nominated your blog because I have really been inspired by your post!

Thank you very much Lesly Carter at Bucket List Publications  for the nomination!

The one random thing about myself is that I’m learning to live my life in the “here and now” which is not as easy as it sounds! In doing so, my hope is to strengthen my belief  ‘if I do what my soul dictates to me, the end result will always be right.’

One response to “Illuminating Blogger Award

  1. Congratulation, well deserved!