Will Allen’s Vertical Farm

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Channel surfing on a Sunday morning, I happen to catch Will Allen talking about his organization ‘Growing Power,’ A national non-profit and land trust, supporting people of diverse background through equal access to healthy, high quality, and affordable food.

With six historic greenhouses, year-round hoop-houses and farm animal pens all supporting several agricultural functions, Growing Power is the last working farm inside the Milwaukee city limits – all organized within 3 acres.

Growing Power develops community food centers as key component of community food systems, through training, active demonstration, outreach, and technical assistance.

“If people can grow safe, healthy, affordable food, if they have access to land and clean water, this is transformation on every level in a community.  I believe we cannot have healthy communities without a healthy food system.”

Will Allen, Chief Executive Officer Growing Power

Now Mr. Allen is undertaking something that has never been done before. He plans to build the first five-story vertical farm in the world. His vertical farm will have south-facing greenhouse areas for the year-round production of plants, vegetables, and herbs. The building will provide educational classrooms, conference spaces, a demonstration kitchen, food processing, storage areas, freezers, and loading docks to support his organizations’ mission as a local and national resource for learning about urban sustainable food production.

Growing Power Vertical Farm

“Ultimately, we are all responsible for making sure everyone has access to high quality food. A vertical farm will increase local food production and improve food access while creating thousands of jobs.”

In Milwaukee, the Mayor and City Council support the vertical farm building and have passed  zoning requirements for Growing Power to build the five-story vertical farm, five blocks from the largest housing project in the city of Milwaukee.

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  2. Inspirational – what a wonderful use of the skyscraper!