Dogs Rescued from Meat Farm

Dogs arrived at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter tonight after being rescued from a meat farm in South Korea. The Humane Society International arranged travel and got the farmer to agree to stop raising dogs for food and grow crops instead. Executive Director Megan Webb from the Animal Welfare League in Alexandria, VA. coordinated the regions participation.

Tawny Hammond, Executive Director of the Fairfax Animal shelter made sure she was there to welcome the puppies arrival.

For information on when these puppies will be available for adoption, visit and click on Animal Shelter for up-to-date info on when the puppies will be available for adoption.


“Kisses from a puppy who has never known the touch of kindness. Welcome to Virginia Snowball.”





Executive Director Fairfax County Shelter, Tawny Hammond (left) and Kelly O’Meara Director, Companion Animals and Engagement Humane Society International (right)

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